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13 February 2020 The pruning work has begun !

It is the time of vine pruning on the parcels of Château de Bellevue ! The month of February is in fact the perfect time to start this work which aims to limit the growing of the vines in order to control the quantity of grapes produced.

Various methods of pruning exist in the world of viticulture and on our parcels we use the cordon pruning ! It is a short pruning where two horizontal arms with 4 to 6 renewal spurs each are formed in order to help the rejuvenation of the vine stock and a lateral distribution of the vegetation. This method has many benefits and allows us to sublimate the qualities of the Gamay Noir by creating higher vine stocks with a better exposition to the sun. It also allows a better ventilation of the vines and reduces the humidity which helps preventing diseases. Finally, cordon pruning also enables the possibility to manage the soils more efficiently and favorizes the development of vegetation covers that provide biologic fertilizers to the vine stock.

On the picture below, you can see one of our parcels from the Morgon AOC on the “Les Charmes” climate where the pruning work is currently ongoing. Here the vines benefits from a good South exposition to the sun and are located above 300m of altitude which allows the vines to keep a certain freshness during scorching periods. The soil is composed of granitic arenas that are perfect for the Gamay grapes  and also clay veins that retain water in the soil like sponges helping the vines to grow. It is a parcel that gives wines that are round and very aromatic and it is also the parcel where our famous Morgon “Les Charmes” Château de Bellevue is produced !


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