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25 October 2023 Amphoras have arrived at Château Bellevue !

🏰 At the heart of the MORGON appellation lies our discreet estate, Château Bellevue. Its underground cellar, located beneath the winery, has the perfect conditions for maturing our wines which is why we have kept it intact for decades.


💡 Why did Elodie Rousselot choose terracotta amphorae ? Because these containers allow Château Bellevue’s single plot cuvées to be matured in an environment conducive to micro-oxygenation without adding woody aromas to the wines. However, Elodie also continues to age the wines in barrels to refine the tannins and gain in aromatic complexity.


💥 The demands placed on our single plot cuvées are never-ending ! 💥 These photos were taken a few months ago when two amphorae were installed in the ageing cellar.

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