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25 January 2021 “The angel’s share”

The Château’s underground cellar houses our oak barrels. Tristan, cellar master, regularly toils these barrels.

This action consists of introducing a little wine into the barrels to prevent air from entering the interior of the barrel and causing oxygenation that is harmful to the wine.

Indeed, either by the action of evaporation or by infiltration into the wood, a loss of wine is noticeable and inevitable over time in the barrels: “the angel’s share”.

For several months, the wines aged in barrels gain in complexity and roundness with the development of a specific aromatic palette. Our cuvées called “Réserve caveau” like Le Clos or La Roche, are wines intended for long aging, thanks to a subtle blend of the wine contained in these barrels and in other more “neutral” containers capable of keeping freshness and fruitiness of our emblematic grape: Gamay Noir.

Do you want to visit the estate and discover our wines? Contact Tristan on +33(0)4 74 66 98 88 or contact@chateau-bellevue.fr


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